How pandemic is affecting our living spaces

Over the last few weeks, I have spent days and days rethinking the spaces of an Art Nouveau residence that is to be renovated.

I “lost” a lot of time wondering how to fit a built-in wardrobe, two bathrooms and two bedrooms on the same floor (around 70 square meters).

Then something happened. I realised that such an elegant house needs spaces and elegance to be preserved.

The pandemic taught us to take care of ourselves, our bodies and minds, our environment, family, friends and time.

We were so used to filling our lives with “the impossible” that we forgot what was really worthwhile. And the same was happening with our living spaces, crammed to the limit.

My mission was to breathe new life into this art deco villa, keeping its original beauty intact and, at the same time, responding to today’s needs and demands.

So I decided to give the right space to the people who will live in this house.

So there will be less bed-rooms than in my previous ideas, for the benefit of more places for well-being, relaxation and conviviality.

There will also be a space for smartworking, which will be in our lives forever: companies now know that it saves money and makes managers and employers happier.

So keep in mind, when buying or renting a property, that our homes are changing and looking for more space for personal care, more contact with nature and a small corner to work from home, able to give us more quality time to spend with our families.