about me

I am an Italian journalist and a professional in marketing and communication specialised in luxury, hospitality and real estate. In 2019, with a view to continuous growth, I attended in Bologna the course of “Staging and Redesign School”  adding the competence and certification of home stager. 

Over the past 15 years, I had the privilege to deepen multicultural experiences traveling and living in different cities across Europe, Asia and Africa, sharing my life with a tireless hotelier who has been working for over 30 years on different assignments for leading luxury hotel companies.

This opportunity, mixed with my previous work experiences, has enhanced my passion for the hotel industry and real estate, leading me to discover new skills and passions. Rethinking spaces, adding stylish details, refining operational processes, incorporatong quality contents, communicationg homes and enhancing properties by making them more profitable are all part of my daily routine.

My professional path starts in the ‘90s, working as a journalist (joining the professional register in 1994) and publicist in my hometown, Montecatini Terme, a charming art déco place living of tourism, hotels and thermal baths.

In 2002, I moved to Florence, managing Pr and communications for bigger realities and in 2006 I started my expat life in Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Tunisia and Kenya.

During the years, in and outside Italy, I have been contributing for Italian leading newspapers and magazines ( Il Sole 24 Ore, Vanity Fair, La Nazione) about chronicle, lifestyle, hospitality, wellbeing, economy, design, real estate.

New York, April 1997, interviewing Ivana Trump at a restaurant opening

Ice UAE offices in Arenco Tower

As a publicist, I used to manage press and PR mainly for tourism organisations and hotel companies: one above all, the events and communication office of luxury Hotel Savoy in Florence, one of the Rocco Forte Hotels collection.

When in Dubai, I also collaborated with Ice Dubai (Italian Trade & Investment Agency) in Arenco Tower and wrote a lot about hospitality; real estate; new construction developments; hotels, spa and restaurants launches.

When in Singapore, it has been amazing contibuting with a story for Vanity Fair about emerging designers and “cool places to be”: it helped me discovering quickly this vibrant city I immediately loved for its incredible quality of life, sophistication, love for design, greenery, hi-tech and fashion.

In 2014, I became the mum of Stella, a super sweet daughter conceived in Tunisia and weaned in Kenya.

I am currently living in Tuscany and working on different projects oriented to real estate quality development which I named Back to Beauty: from re-thinking spaces and functionalities in a contemporary way, to present properties to rent/buy on the market using professonal communicating tools, to adding details and operating procedures to enhance beauty, profitability or simply to feel more ‘at home’.

For more detailed information about my professional experiences, check my LinkedIn Profile.