Let’s do some home staging! Focus on the American strategy to sell your house.

Home Staging is what we call the set of activities put in place in order to make the most of the valuing of a property, where the operations will predominantly bring out aesthetic qualities.

Home staging helps people to prepare and present their house on the market in the best possibile way. Exactly how you usually already do when it comes to sell your car or bike.

And now it’s time to do the same for your house.

The eligible houses for this type of marketing experience are new houses, old houses, occupied houses, empty houses and even building sites at advanced stage. But there is no way to stage houses in crumbling conditions because home staging has nothing to do with faking or pretending to be: it doesn’t hide or disguise the home’s weak points.

Home staging highlights the potential and puts in prominence your house strenghts. It also helps buyers to imagine themselves in your place by providing a positive and fresh first impression. Home  staging works by decluttering, offering a neutral style that leaves room for imagination and defining all the spaces (and their use) through temporary furniture (if needed).

Home staging also reduces the timing of sales and this helps owners to save their money because the soonest you sell, the soonest you put cash in the bank and stop paying property taxes and bills.

It would not be correct to say that home staging raises the inner value of your property because it doesn’t include any structural intervention and because your property price, like in any other case, is within the range of the market prices _ it means a minumum and a maximum _ for that type of house, location and time.

But it’s fair to say that thanks to home staging you can sell your house at the highest market price for that type of property, place and time.

Home staging was born in Usa in the 80’s but it’s still hard to legitimise it in Italy: people has a hard time to devise any form of marketing investment prior to selling. Unfortunately, the day that common people decide to sell a property, they just expect to sit and wait until they will put money in their pockets, without having nothing to accomplish before.

But what people still don’t imagine is how easier, quicker and profitable (and even amusing, in my opinion) could become the selling process thanks to the home staging. The cost of the home stager professional (approximately between 1 and 4 per cent of the property price) would be entirely covered back by saving time (staged properties are normally sold in 3-6 months), by saving money (the customer will be soon relieved from keep paying property taxes) and by selling at a higher price. Three steps that lead _ after paying off everything, at the end of the entire process _ to getting more left money in the pockets.

Finally, don’t forget that together with some home staging, your house deserves a professional communication (description, storytelling and photoshooting) before being listed and a reliable realtor called to define the appropriate selling price (which depends from the local market and the potential of your house and the most of the times doesn’t go hand in hand with the value that you give to your own property) and thrilled enough about his job to master with enthusiasm and professionalism the entire process and to put in place the best targeted contacts in his portfolio.

Flawless selling operations, home staging and professional communication are the keys to optimally penetrate the market and to finalise your selling process in the most satisfactory way.


Below, some of my home staging works