It’s all about anticipating your customer’s desires

Let’s start our path into five-star hotel standards and procedures to discover what we can borrow and bring into our hotels or rented properties.

Here some tips to find your way into the infinite world of customer’s preferences.

Your mission is to build customer loyalty and this leads to anticipate your customer’s desires and give a service based on quality. 

The example of the fruit basket is a must. And this is just one of the countless ideas you can use to welcome your guests and discover their habits at the same time.

So … if you agree, put a basket of mixed fruit in their room at the arrival. Then, ask the housekeeping / f&b guy _ that the day after will visit the room for cleaning or refilling the fridge, in case of a hotel _ to check and take notice about what your customers liked most among the fruit.

If you are the owner of a holiday house, you can do exactly the same: the day after the arrival, go to greet your customers and to check if all is fine with the new accomodation. Once you will be there, give a look at the fruit basket: if you spot that the apples are still there, but the strawberries are gone, arrange to provide more strawberries. Put them a in separate bowl and add a small handwritten card with a nice message and the compliments of your place.

It will be a fantastic surprise for your guests: they will feel that you really care about what they like.

This is also an example of building a procedure: observe, take notice, deduce, implement the new standard and make it part of your (staff) routine.

Notice also that you can use this procedure infinite times in different ways to dig up more about your customer taste.