The immense power of amenities

For many people, adding some small gifts in a room or in a holiday house is useless or it’s just a cost. There is nothing worse than thinking like this when it comes to manage a business that is hospitality oriented. If this is your philosophy, better to change your job.

Hospitality is friendliness first and this means that you have to take care of your guests in a genuine way. Be confident that the effects of your attentions will widely cover and repay the costs in terms of money or time you will afford for a small chocolate near the pillow, an handwritten welcome card or a bottle of still water on the night-tables.

The power of amenities is immense. Amenities are all the attentions you kindly and spontaneously provide for your guests. Basically, these extra-comforts don’t officially appear in the list of the things and services that you give in exchange of a payment.

Remember that amenities are not necessarily expensive and, mostly, they are the best occasion to discover and record your customers preferences. Look at what they like most, take notice and don’t forget it: they will be surprised when at the next occasion they will find in the room their favorite piece of music, fruit or type of pillow. Or they will be in love with the fact that after months or years you still remember all their names: in this case, the only cost to take into account is your time and attitude.

If you are ready for something more, stand out from the crowd and replace the typical tiny bottles of bath gel _ usually falling down from the shelf 10 times per shower _ with cool and nice bottle of bath gel customized for your place. Or add a cream to the vanity set for hair hydration if your house or hotel is by the sea; think also to leave some food in the room or in the fridge in case of a late arrival; put two glasses and a bottle of the local wine to welcome your guests and promote your territory or provide their kids with a small toy. Even a balloon with the name of the baby could make the difference.


Some of the surprising amenities offered at Hotel de Crillon in Paris.