That “new” property dating back 20 years ago

“The property has been completely renovated in 1997”. That was part of a small house description on a brochure from a local real estate agency, left into my mailbox some days ago.  At the beginning, lost in thought, I passively stored that data into my mind. Then, after a second, I realized it was speaking of 23 years ago with the same levity than could be used to mention a house newly renovated.

But seriously, on a one-page brochure smaller than an A4 sheet, divided into many tiny boxes, allowing one only blurry picture for each property and no more than 4 narrow lines to describe it, can it be a must highlighting the benefits of the house by underlining that it has been renovated 23 years ago?

However, a few days ago, I ran into a lady defending her terrace _ which is filtering water to the lower floors _ saying that it’s like new since she re-did it 18 years ago. And today, surfing on the net, I saw an on line announce from a private owner starting like this: “110 mq completely renovated in 2000, the property is in excellent conditions”.

At this stage, I think that:

1) there are lots of unexplored prairies to conquer in real estate sectors and into owners’ minds, but I have the sensation that it will not be an easy task …

2) it’s necessary to change point of view starting to step into buyers shoes since buyers usually desire houses where they can immediately imagine themselves and their family living in there and moving on the same day, without putting the hands into their pockets.

3) real estate communication needs to step forward, to become accurate and professional and to respect sellers and buyers at the same time, promoting interesting houses, using nice pictures and smart texts able to catch and enhance property strenghts. And a renovation dating back 20 years ago it’s a weak point. Then, if strenghts became questionable due to the wear of time, it would be valuable and fair _ towards the owners _ to stop and explain that the house may need some work before being put on sale. This will help properties to stay on the market just what is strictly necessary and not for long years which lead to a constant devaluation and obliging landlords to keep covering the fixed costs of a property not generating any income (taxes, assurances, accidents, maintenance, bills).

This is my idea of managing real estate communication, respecting, protecting and building customer loyalty.