The limits of the Italian estate market

The Italian real estate market is agonising between plummeting values and dated, battered properties, unsold for years.

With the exception of a few agencies based in the most important Italian cities or a few ‘enlightened’ agents, Italian real estate is still far from investing in digital marketing, professional editing and photography, quality operating standards or integrated customer services.

Italy’s immense real estate heritage deserves a broader scope to give it the value it deserves, to increase quality and attractiveness on an international scale.

But most Italian estate agents do not speak English and do not use professional means to promote the properties they take over. A glance at Italians  leading on line istings ( and gives a sad overview of the level of professionalism in the sector.

Sooner or later, the Italian estate market will have to go through the digital revolution and adapt its language to the new generations. For them, housing is no longer something static to be handed down in the family, or a list of poorly represented rooms and appliances. Today it’a fluid universe that represents the story of trends, moments in life, technological innovations, movings, salary ups and downs, divorces, partnerships, separations and new beginnings.