French people say: “À chacun son métier”. And it’s my mantra.

I don’t know why, but the most part of the people believe to be able to easily enter into the shoes (the experience and the knowledge) of a painter, or a gardener, an architect, a bricklayer, a journalist, a photographer and so on …

You have no idea of how many people I have seen _ during the years _  entering the newsroom and literally saying “I want to write an article”, instead of “I have something to say about … , would you be interested in interviewing me”? Similarly, you have no idea of how many of those respondents would expect to review and correct the article before going to print, sure to know how to do it. And the same happens with so many other jobs. But, when it comes to speak about homes, this tendency reaches to highest peak.

Because home means possession, it’s our property, our domain and we think to be the only masters called to interact with it. But we couldn’t do a worse mistake: each job properly done comes from experience and the house is a field where many different experts meet.

Any decor, maintenance or marketing activity connected to the house can be done in a professional way or in a non professional way (like any other job). It’s your house and it’s up to you do decide how you want the works to be done.

Remember that professional works lead to professional results and professional results are easily visible, evaluable, long-lasting, impressive, enriching. If you want your property to gain value, to be appealing and marketable, choose professionals to take care of it. It’s better to pay just once for having a professional and definitive result, than spending smaller amounts of money for non-durable results that need continuous reviews and that, at the end, will cost even more but will never reach the same quality level.

This is why I only work on projects upon an exclusive mandate to  manage from A to Z, together with the right professionals.


Probably, worse than a non professional work, there is a work done half professionally and half not. 


WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU: listening to your expectations and find the best professionals you may need.