From old to new on the wings of imagination

The “new” Stella’s bedroom, made in June 2019, is born out of a wild-card factors combined together: her super-fast growth so that she was no more able to fit into her couch with bars, an other upcoming relocation (then not materialized) destabilizing any final decision, an existing bedroom belonged to my husband first daughter and the desire of creating something new and customized. 

This is why I decided not to invest on a new bedroom, but to restyle the existing furniture.

I redesigned the room by asking to remove the green and orange colours, repainting it with a pure white and replacing the steel handles with some wooden pink&withe knobs (star shape). Then I moved the last block on the right of the original furniture composition to the opposite wall, took away its door to obtain a ‘library effect’ and cut that sash to create a desk, considering that Stella was about to start the school in a year’s time. In addition, the classic night table turned into a dresser under the desk.

Then, the accessories I bought did the rest: a carpet decorated with stars recalling the knobs colours and shape, a soft pink seat for the desk and a white console on the wall opposite the window.

Finally, last October we bought a double bed, Simmons brand, in a light grey, perfectly fitting under the bridge unit, replacing the existing single bed that previously took the place of the crib.

A led strip light behind the headboard is the final touch chosen for an entrance wow effect and for providing an handy light source at the bedside.

The result is that Stella is in love with her new room, fresh and light, set on a candid white base and played by some light pink accessories easily changeable the day that she will decide to choose other colours.

This teaches that there is not always a need of changing everything: sometimes creativity can easily solve tricky situations  and achieve striking perspectives.