The attention to details can become a key to fight new challenges

Sometimes (actuallly many times) I get crazy focusing on some details that people around me apparently don’t notice. 

A simple and frequent case? The classic notice to the public written on a simple A4 sheet  stuck on a glass window or wall with adhesive tape, without any frame and often hanged not even straight.

How much does it coast some care for small details? What about that pre-cut adhesive rubber, almost invisible and much more discreet, instead of that tape turning soon yellow? What about a frame, mostly for something that has to last more than a day, avoiding the dog-ear effect, as well?

Excellence, success, overall results come together with small attentions. Crisis challenges can be fought using (also, not only) smart operating criterias, often for free. The ones I put at the base of Back to Beauty.

Because people perceive and reward the value of excellence and the pleausure of beauty also when they are not perfectly aware of what it means.