The richness of humble food

Tripadvisor, joy and sorrow of restaurateurs and hoteliers, gives often reviews that offer more than an opportunity to reflect. Like the lady that decided not to give tha maximun score to a certain well-known Florentine restaurant _ while declaring that she really enjoyed her meal and admitting that she knew that that place was an historical one _ because of a too high bill for a trattoria serving humble food.

This is why often it’s not easy to convey what stays behind a quality offer. But this is not a good reason to give up.

A trattoria it’s not necessarily synonymous of a second class restaurant. Using proper means, it can be a cosy place, pleasantly casual where, among checked tablecloths and straw seats, the so-called poor food carves out the most suitable place to be served, surrounded by hams hanging from the ceiling and Sangiovese flagons. Actually, Americans visiting Florence and the Chaintishire, look exactly for this.

But above all,  offering food quality means making an accurate pursuit of the finest ingredients, according to seasonality and putting a lot of attention into details, from plating, to table decoration, to staff research, to structural investmnent of part of the income to keep the restaurant comfortable and up with the times.

Some of these operations come at a cost, some others just need a lot of care and passion which will be appreciated by a good share of customers sensitive to quality of things.