The evolving house

The house evolves with us, our lives and needs. It’s not something static, ma something always moving on. Or at least, this is my concept of an house.

It followes that, day by day, together with my family, I want our house to follow our time, personal and global and work to keep it efficient and moulded by our necessities and tastes. Because our preferences evolve as well together with our age and experiences.

So, in addiction to a daily care, every year we try to do some major works to improve the spaces performances also because, one day, you never know, we could decide to sell this place or to rent it and that day it will be better to have an “attractive” place ready to be put on the market, instead of facing massive and expensive works or settling for the highest bidder.

So, starting from the total restoration of the first apartment in 2005 and the second one annexed in 2014, we have never looked back.

Three years ago, we renovated the kitchen: new furniture, drywalls, spaces and functional reorganization, dedicated electrical system. Two years ago, we replaced the old wooden windows with new PVC ones, ensuring heat insulation performance beyond all expectations. 

Last summer I restyled my daughter’s bedroom, 5 years old, because she was no more able to fit into her couch with bars and it was also necessary to rethink all the spaces.

And last week, we finished a nice makeover of the dining room where, around 15 years ago, during the total renovation of the apartment, I decide to remove all the central ceiling lights (just hiding the electrical wires, not cutting them, ‘never say never’), because at the time I couldn’t suffer any type of chandelier and because that room was just a living room (non dining) and abat-jours and floor lamps were enough. But now, we needed a nice warm light on the dining table to see what we put in our mouth. So we have installed a rectangular plasterboard, put some strip led around the 4 sides and hung a chandelier long almost like the table.

This was also the occasion to repair a water stain coming from the upper terraces where the owners don’t do any maintenance since many years.

This is why a regular, step by step maintenance is first of all an healthy and even wise way to keep your assets “ready”, updated and attractive. Second, it’s also a good way to respect your neighbours and to avoid damaging their properties and repaying for them.

Unfortunately, people usually embrace the philosophy “Enjoy it while it lasts and then we’ll will see”. And it ends that the properties become old, ugly, sellers are stuck in front of heavy renovation costs and buyers scatter quicker than a crawfish at a church boil.

In fact, the majority of buyers want to buy at well-defined costs with nothing to add such a renovation, want to find homes ready to be lived, cozy, in line with the times, with a little bit of technology.

And it’s a shame because keep going down this road, Italian real estate will be left behind with its glorious past, not able to face the future challenges on par with other Countries.