That huge gap between basic and luxury

It happens that I look for houses on behalf of clients who do not have the time to do it themselves. And those who ask for this kind of service usually have a good budget for the purchase.

And it’s not easy.

In Italy, there is a market almost divided in two.

On the one hand, there is an endless supply of low-medium properties for sale, with sizes under 100 square metres, never renovated, badly maintained and located in unattractive contexts.

If the request is for a furnished rental – and managers who temporarily move in with their families are usually looking for just that – then the mission becomes even more difficult among dark furniture, rusty terraces, 1970s bathrooms, coloured bunk beds and grandmother’s kitchens.





On the other hand, there is a considerable supply of very high-end properties, over 350 square metres in size, luxuriously renovated, beautifully maintained and in such elegant settings as to be off limits.





In other words, there is no middle ground, the medium-high bracket, the segment of properties with large dimensions, smartly renovated, well maintained and in elegant residential contexts. Bright, welcoming and comfortable. Properties with at least a third guest room; new bathrooms, windows and floors; air conditioning, walk-in wardrobes, light colours and contemporary furnishings.



It is also true, however, that those few properties in this segment are literally flying off the shelves. This is a sign that this ‘middle segment’ has an almost infinite market potential, which is just waiting for the supply to become adequate.

So … homeowners, be brave and invest on your assets.