How pandemic is affecting our living spaces

In the last weeks, I spent days and days re-thinking the spaces of a liberty residence in need of a renovation. I “lost” a lot of time wondering how to fit a walking closet, two bathrooms and two bedrooms on the same floor, the master one.

Then something happened: I realized that such an elegant house needs space, views and sense of elegance to be preserved.

Not only: the pandemic taught us to take care of ourselves, of our body and mind, of the environment, of our family, friends and time.

We were so used to fill the impossible in our lives, to forget what is really worth. And the same was happening with our living spaces.

My mission was supposed to give a new life to this art deco villa keeping intact her beauty and responding, at the same time, to today’s needs and requests. And I was about to fail.

Sometime changes are so quick that it’s not so easy to reset immediately our minds as well.

Todays expectations (which means 2021 expectations) are quite different from some months ago.

So I decided to give the right space to the people who will stay in the house. This is way I am focusing on one only big bathroom (considering also that there will be two more bedrooms and bathrooms) with enough space for two sinks, one big shower, one make up corner and one steam bath with double benches. A real place to chill out and beautify yourself.

The existing space for the second bathroom will be used to create a study, ‘cause smartworking will remain in our life forever: companies now know that it helps saving money and keeping managers and employers happier.

So keep in mind when you buy or rent a property that our houses are changing: more space to our wellness, more contact with the nature and a corner to work able to give us more quality time to spend with our families.